Breast growth in men


Who are candidates for a correction of


They are men who wish to improve their appearance and look more masculine, and due to weight, hormonal or hereditary factors present hypertrophic or feminoid breast tissue.

What do you need to know about gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the variable growth of breasts in men, which according to their severity, can simulate female breasts. This condition is due to a set of factors like hormonal, body weight and hereditary factors.

To plan your surgery

Your surgeon will assess your overall health and determine the degree of gynecomastia considering the proportions of your chest, and the development of your pectoral muscles.

Step by step intervention.

  1. Liposuction of the tissue surrounding the breast gland is performed by incisions of 1 cm or less approximately..
  2. If necessary, an incision will be made at the edge of your areola to remove the developed glandular tissue.
  3. The incisions are closed in such a way that they are almost imperceptible and a compressive garment is placed.


This will last 3-4 weeks, during which you must wear a vest type garment. After the first week, you can perform practically all the movements, but you must wait until 1 month to do some sporting activity.

Your new look

You will be able to see results almost immediately, although the final result is expected until 1-2 months after surgery.

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