Who are candidates for

post-bariatric plastic surgery?

This set of surgeries focuses on those patients who have undergone weight loss surgery, such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, or who have made a strict regime of diet and exercise that has led them to lose a lot of body weight, and therefore, have excess skin and / or pendant due to the loss of the retractable capacity of the same.

What do you need to know about post-bariatric plastic surgery?

Because they are generally prolonged surgeries, it is advisable to perform them in 1, 2 or even in 3 surgical sessions in order to minimize the possibility of complications during or after surgery.
It can be estimated at least 3-6 months between one surgery and another, so that the body recovers and reestablishes its defenses.

To plan your intervention.

The patient needs to be convinced to undergo the surgery and be aware that it will require several weeks of care that will ultimately have been worthwhile.
The cardiovascular and metabolic health status in these patients prior to surgery take on a peculiar meaning

Step by step intervention.

There are different types of surgeries aimed at removing the residual dermo-fatty excesses and recovering the harmonic figure of the patient. Among the most common are: BRACHIOPLASTY (arm surgery), MASTOPEXY (breast lift and reduction), EXTENDED OR CIRCULAR ABDOMINOPLASTY (involving the full circumference of the abdomen, sides and lumbar región), LIFTING THIGHS, among others.

Recovery time

It will depend on the surgery or group of surgeries performed. In most cases, there will be extensive wounds and drains that will require special care at home, so the patient will need help from a relative or acquaintance to properly carry on with this processes.

Your new look.

Once the initial recovery process is over, the patient will notice the new shape and will improve even more as time goes on, the inflammation will subside and the appearance of the scars will improve and become less visible.

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