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Accident Injuries

What Do You Need To Know About

Accident Injuries?

Cutaneous wounds and blunt injuries can result in a loss of skin surface or in larger lesions including muscle, nerves, and even bone.2

¿Qué necesita saber sobre las lesiones por accidente?

El equipo de urgencias estabilizará al paciente para que su vida no peligre. Una vez estable, se realizará una exploración minuciosa de las lesiones con el fin de fijar un plan reconstructivo.

To plan your intervention

The emergency team will stabilize the patient so that his life is not endangered. Once stable, a thorough examination of the lesions will be performed in order to establish a reconstructive plan.


The recovery process will depend on the type of injury the patient has suffered. Deep injuries will require a rehabilitation process, and the scars will be treated and monitored over the course of the following months in order to leave the minimum of sequelae.

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