Plastic Surgeon

Hand Surgery

Who are candidates for a

hand surgery?

Usually they are children with some congenital malformation of the hand, or people, regardless of age, who have suffered a major accident that affects the hand or one of their fingers.
Another type of surgery are those nervous conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which warrants surgery as it presents with pain or cramping resulting from nerve compression at the forearm and / or hand level.

What do you need to know about hand surgery?

The functional approach is the main objective for the hand in order to be used in daily living and for sequelae to be minimized.

To plan your intervention

In the case of elective surgeries, a thorough examination and radiographic studies will usually be required.
In the case of emergency care, we will try to recover the anatomical structures that have been affected and restore their function. As is the case of fractures in the bones of the hand, tendon sections, vascular and / or nerve injuries, etc.


Depending on the type of surgery performed, it will usually require a recovery and rehabilitation process that goes from a few weeks to several months.

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