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A burn is an injury to the tissues of the body caused by heat, fire, electricity, chemicals, sunlight or radiation. They can cause swelling, blisters, scars, infections and even death in severe cases.

What is the procedure?

In the event you require hospitalization and surgical treatment, your plastic surgeon will ask you to sign consent forms to ensure that you fully understand the procedure to be followed and any potential risks or complications that you have been fully explained to you. The immediate treatment of a burn, depending on its severity, is done in conjunction with an internist, pediatrician and / or dermatologist.

Degree of burn:

In general there are 3 types of burn.
1st grade: skin redness usually secondary to solar radiation.
2nd degree: blisters may appear and the skin becomes very sensitive, as it affects deeper layers.
Grade 3: This type of burn requires hospitalization and generally requires several reconstructive processes, as it can affect up to muscle or bone.

Recovery time

Depending on the type of burn, patches or creams will be left to help make the scars less obvious. The kind of treatment will depend on the severity of the burn. Our goal is to restore both the aesthetic appearance and the function of the burned area as much as possible. There are sequelae from old burns that can leave very visible or deforming scars, in which case the treatment should be individualized depending on the type of scar, its location and severity.

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