Plastic Surgeon

cranio-facial surgery

Who are candidates for

cranio-facial surgery?

Those children who, by misfortune, have been born with some deformity in the bones of the skull and / or face; Or people who have suffered a high-impact accident involving bone fractures of the craniofacial structure.

What do you need to know about cranio-facial surgery?

In the case of congenital deformities, the age of surgery will be determined by several factors, with a general recommendation being surgery between the 1st and 3rd year to allow adequate development.
In the case of high-impact craniofacial trauma, the surgery will be performed once the patient’s health status has stabilized.

To plan your intervention

Each case is different and will be addressed in this way, sometimes requiring three-dimensional imaging studies and osteosynthesis devices (titanium plates and screws) to successfully carry out the surgery.

Your new look.

It will depend on the type of surgery, but one of the main objectives will always be the recovery of the function and the aesthetic harmony so that the patient can develop as a normal person and with the minimum of sequelae.

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