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Ear reconstruction

Who are candidates for

ear reconstruction?

They are usually pre-school children who were born with a defect in the development of their ears (ears), with varying degrees of affectation on one or both sides.

What do you need to know about ear reconstruction?

There are many techniques used. Currently the most accepted is the use of autologous costal cartilage (cartilage of 1-2 ribs of the same patient), to reconstruct the affected ear and that does not have reaction to a foreign body (compatible); This guarantees the result for life.
The use of prosthetic material is another option, however, it gives an artificial appearance and the patient does not integrate it psychologically as part of his body. There are ears devices that are placed under the skin of the ear region. Through this method aesthetically pleasing ears are achieved, but the risk of rejection and / or future infection is an inconvenience.

To plan your intervention

It is necessary that the child reaches a thoracic maturity so that it does not deform which usually occurs between 9-11 years of age. Usually, hearing is compensated by healthy ear, and the opening of the ear canal is not indicated when it is closed.

Step by step intervention

Usually 2 to 3 surgeries are required. Elapsing 3 to 6 months between one and other.

  1. First surgery: Costal cartilage, and manufacture of the auricular frame under the skin of the lateral side of the head, where the location of the ear would correspond.
  2. Second surgery: Separation of previously manufactured auricular frame.
  3. Third surgery: Touch-up surgery if necessary, which is performed in most cases under local anesthesia.

Recovery time

It is focused to take care of the reconstructed area and to a general care of the wound of its thorax. Instructions will be given for cleaning at home and special care that will take from 3 to 4 weeks.

Your new look

It is important to emphasize that the ear is constructed not only with a single surgery, but with 2 to 3 surgeries of different magnitudes, but the ear obtained will last for the rest of its life, since it is manufactured with the patient’s own tissues, without risk of rejection reactions. It is medically impossible to achieve 100% symmetry with a healthy ear, but the appearance will improve considerably and the child will regain confidence in himself.

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