Plastic Surgeon


Reconstructive Plastic Surgery


A burn is an injury to the tissues of the body caused by heat, fire, electricity, chemicals, sunlight or radiation. They can cause swelling, blisters

Ear Reconstruction

They are usually children who were born with a defect in the development of their ears, with varying degree of affectation on one or both sides

Cleft lip and palate

It focuses on rebuilding the cleft lip and cleft palate when it is affected in those children who were born with this defect in embryonic development

Hand Surgery

Usually they are children with some congenital malformation of the hand, or people, regardless of age, who have suffered a major accident that affects the hand or one of their fingers

Breast Reconstruction

It focuses on those patients who unfortunately had the diagnosis of breast cancer and after a mastectomy surgery, and medical treatment, have been able to overcome the disease

Accident Injuries

Cutaneous wounds and blunt injuries can result in a loss of skin surface or in larger lesions including muscle, nerves and even bone

Craniofacial Surgery

Those children who, by misfortune, have been born with some deformity in the bones of the skull and / or face; Or, people who have suffered a high impact accident involving fractures

Pressure Ulcer

This reconstructive treatment is focused on those people who are or were long immobilized or with limited mobility, which develop pressure injuries

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