Gluteal augmentation


Who are candidates for a


Ideally healthy people physically and mentally, young, at their ideal weight, they have little gluteal volume and they have real expectations according to what can improve.

What do you need to know about gluteoplasty?

The distribution of fat and muscle is developed or distributed differently in each person. According to this, the use of its own fat from other parts of the body can be proposed to transfer it to the buttocks (own tissue), or the use of a gluteal implant (prosthetic tissue) to increase the volume.

To plan your surgery

In addition to having an adequate health, you must be aware of the results that can be achieved and not have unreal expectations

Step by step intervention.

  1. With the use of the fat of the same patient (most recommended method), it is necessary to perform an initial liposuction.
  2. The obtained fat is cleaned by sterile methods to remove residual liquid and blood.
  3. Once it is ready, it is injected evenly into the areas where the gluteus is to be projected.
  4. The incisions are approximately 1 cm and these are made in natural folds to be practically imperceptible.


It will be necessary to use a garment to reduce swelling and help the recovery process. Usually the patient can walk within the next 24 hrs with mild pain in the area and that is perfectly controlled with common analgesics. The patient can sit, only on a cushioned surface.

Your new look

A small percentage of injected fat is reabsorbed during the first 8 weeks, so its final appearance will be up to 2-3 months after surgery.

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