Cleft Lip

Cleft Lip and Palate

Who are candidates for

cleft lip and / or palate surgery?.

It is focused on rebuilding the cleft lip and cleft palate when it is affected in those children who were born with this defect in embryonic development.

What do you need to know about the cleft lip and palate?

There are different degrees of affectation, and in each a different technique is used. The treatment of these children is done in conjunction with the orthodontist, the pediatrician, the phoniatrist and the geneticist.

Step by step intervention.

It depends on the degree of severity but in general we can cite them as follows:

  1. First surgery 3-6 months: lip surgery (lip closure) with repair of nasal deformity.
  2. Second surgery 8-18 months: palatoplasty (closing of the palate).
  3. Third surgery 9-11 years: alveolar bone graft (if necessary).
  4. Fourth surgery 15-16 years: aesthetic-functional rhinoplasty.

La intervención paso a paso

Depende del grado de severidad pero en general las podemos citar de la siguiente manera:

  1. Primer cirugía 3-6 meses: queioloplastía (cierre del labio) con reparación de la deformidad nasal.
  2. Segunda cirugía 8-18 meses: palatoplastía (cierre del paladar).
  3. Tercera cirugía 9-11 años: injerto óseo alveolar (en caso necesario).
  4. Cuarta cirugía 15-16 años: rinoplastia estético-funcional.


Each of the surgeries requires a recovery process of 2 to 3 weeks and the care of the parents, according to the indications given by the surgeon who will be quoting frequently to assess their evolution

Your new look

From the first surgery the patient’s appearance will change and improve both from the aesthetic and functional aspects. The surgeons recommendations should be followed to improve the quality of the scars and achieve the best possible result so that in the future the patient will not be a bullying victim and can lead a normal life 100% integrated into society.

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