Plastic Surgery

Body Aesthetic

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the Body


It is focused on men and women who want to improve their body contour. Liposuction will enhance your physical appearance, your body contour and your self-esteem. Before deciding on this intervention

Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck

The best candidates for a tummy tuck are those who have a relatively normal figure, but are concerned about deposits of fat or sagging skin of the abdomen that do not disappear with diets

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation enhances your figure and your self-confidence. Before deciding to undergo this intervention, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with your surgeon. The best candidates for breast augmentation


The shape of the buttocks is related to hereditary factors, body type and the posture of the person. The gluteal muscles, fat deposits and the skin, undergo constant changes


It is a surgical procedure that is usually performed to correct dropped and sagging breasts that can appear especially after the woman has children and the lactation period has passed, but also

Breast Reduction

This surgery is focused on those women who are not comfortable with the volume of their breasts, with cervical spine problems (nape) or with difficulty getting clothes according to their breast volume


Gynecomastia is the variable growth of breasts in men, which, according to their severity, can even simulate female breasts. This condition is due to a set of factors both

The area of the arms is an area that can hang due to the loss of elasticity and ability to retraction of the skin, which usually happens with age and variations in body weight

Plastic Surgery after Weight loss

This set of surgeries focuses on those patients who have undergone weight loss surgery, such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, or who have made a strict regime

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