Reconstructive Surgeon

pressure ulcer

Who are candidates for the treatment of a

pressure ulcer?

This reconstructive treatment is focused on people who are or have been long immobilized or with limited mobility, who develop prolonged pressure injuries on the supporting and / or supporting skin surfaces (sacrum, hip, heels, etc.).

What do you need to know about pressure ulcers?

Depending on the degree of severity and the affected structures, they are divided into 4 degrees. Grade I and II can heal through special care, creams and patches; however, types III and IV will require reconstructive surgery using loco-regional flaps for healing.

To plan your intervention.

It is essential that, regardless of the basic health status and comorbidities that may exist (paraplegia, diabetes, obesity, arterial hypertension, etc.), the patient’s condition is good enough to be able to carry out a successful reconstructive procedure.

Step by step intervention.

In each case the treatment will be individualized, being necessary, in the majority of patients, the use of healthy neighboring tissues to reconstruct the affected area.


This process will depend to a large extent on the relatives or the personnel who are in the care of the patient at home, so it is vital that the family is integrated in this process, and carry out all the indications of your surgeon.

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